Go to the Wisconsin State Legislature site, and do the following:

  1. Under “Law and Legislation,” choose “Current Session.”
  2. Under “20##-## Session,” choose “Text of Introduced Proposals.”
  3. Choosing a link consisting of a bill number, a colon, and the phrase “Bill Text” will bring you to the most current version of that bill. Because of the problematic issue the next step brings up, it is better to view the bill as a PDF. This link is next to the “Bill Text” link, and has a very small PDF icon.
  4. Go back to step 2. Choosing “Amendment Text” instead of “Text of Introduced Proposals” will show details that may be pertinent to a fuller understanding of the bill. You may have to read the bill against its separate amendment documents, or some details will be missing. It is too early in the term to be certain of if that is the case, or if amendment elements would be added to the main text after a vote to accept the proposed amendments.