One Mission

The purpose of Current State Bills is to provide a resource that offers a means to civic engagement. Locals in a community shouldn’t have to look so hard to find the federal, state, and local laws that will impact them. And organizations shouldn’t have an even more difficult time of searching the web for a wider variety of laws in multiple states. Most importantly, regardless of who is looking, this information should not only be easy to access, but it should be free.

Regardless of how much people are divided by ideology, representatives are there to represent all our best interests. But with Citizens United failing to acknowledge that not everyone can contribute millions of dollars to political influence, and with the power of the lobbying industry taking up so much of each lawmaker’s time, we must still be vigilant about being engaged and learning about the threats that need our most urgent attention. Once we know what those threats are, it’s time to move.

Anything this site reveals is actionable. There are still ways to go directly to our representatives and senators. Our legislators still have telephones. Our council members still read letters and hold town hall meetings. Our officials still campaign for our votes. That means that the people have a duty to act on the promises politicians make and the corruption that appears before, during, and after a politician exerts any influence.