More Resources

United States federal, capital, and territories legislatures:

Bills from the United States Congress (Choose link for bill number, choose “Text”; view most current version of the bill if there are multiple versions.)

Bills from the District of Columbia (Choose “Advanced Search;” under “Category” choose “Bill” and under “Council Period,” choose the most recent one; hit “Search”; choose “Export/Print”; choose “Export/Print All Results to Excel” or to PDF. This only shows bills’ names, though, so you’d have to run a more specific search for the bill number instead of scrolling through each page until you reach a specific bill; either way is fine. Once you do choose a bill, choose “Bill History,” and then choose “View Introduction” to read its full text.)

American Samoa’s Government Website (Legislative bills not available online.)

Bills from Guam (Choose “##th Legislation”; choose bill number to read the full text of the bill.)

Bills from Puerto Rico (Hit “Buscar” (search); choose measure of choice: link begins with “medida:”; depending on how recently it was introduced, the full text may or may not be available online under “DOCUMENTO,” and there also may be amended versions.)

Bills from Northern Marian Islands (Go to House or Senate; under “View [House/Senate] Legislation for the ##th Commonwealth Legislature by type:” choose “All”; hit “Go”; choose “Details” link at bill of choice; choose bill number link to read bill’s full text.)

Bills from U.S. Virgin Islands (Under “Legislature:” choose the most current session; hit “Search”; choose “View Detail” next to the bill of choice; under “Bill Number:” click the link to see the bill’s full text.)

Other resources:

The World Factbook (Offers data on the state of the world’s nations that can be material to research on bills.)