Go to the “Bills” page on the Michigan Legislature site, and do the following:

  1. Under “Browse Bills By Session,” choose the most current session for the House or Senate.
  2. Hit “Browse.”


  1. Right-click on link that reads “Excel spreadsheet of Bills for the [most current] Session.”
  2. Choose “Copy link address.”
  3. Paste link into URL box.
  4. It will be a flawed link, so you must modify it by deleting the past part of it. This part reads, “&Format=Excel”.
  5. Hit Enter.

*Using the second method reveals both house and senate bills. There weren’t any joint bills thus far in 2017, so it is unclear if these methods would show them, too.

**The second method also doesn’t allow for neat copy-and-pasting into an Excel spreadsheet, either.